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OWS: Beyond The Spectacle Of Repression

November 15, 2011

Occupy: Under eviction coast to coast (photos)
Ajit Jagdale: Day After Eviction

Photo: Reuters/Lucas Jackson

Chris Hedges: This is what revolution looks like

They think we will all go home and accept their corporate nation…a nation where the poor do not eat and workers do not work, a nation where the sick die and children go hungry

Astra Taylor: After the eviction

A semi-permanent encampment is not the only way to occupy. And tweaking our methods may actually help make the movement more inclusive, as not everyone who is sympathetic to OWS can or wants to commit to living full-time in a tent. The Occupy movement, after all, was never about holding a single piece of ground, but changing the world.

Photo: Reuters/Andrew Burton

Zoltan & Manissa: A day in the movement

This spectacle of repression should not distract us from the important tasks we have at hand, nor should it overshadow the great strides we’ve made in the past months. There is no evicting a movement. This movement has clearly entered its second phase. We may have lost Zuccotti Park and we may have not, and it seems that city government is keen on keeping us out of other public spaces that we have been using for meetings. But the movement is far from dead. We are just beginning. Working groups from OWS have meetings and events planned for months ahead. They will continue to meet and they will continue to grow.

Adbusters: Occupy the higher ground

We use the winter to brainstorm, network, build momentum so that we may emerge rejuvenated with fresh tactics, philosophies, and a myriad projects ready to rumble next Spring.

Photo: Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images

Kevin Powell: Open letter to Mayor Bloomberg

Feeds: Ustream and Livestream
Writers in solidarity + Action steps
Two top aides to Quan resign in protest against Oakland eviction
Jean Quan admits cities coordinated response

Photo: AP/The Times-Standard/Josh Jackson

NYPD didn’t want you to see eviction;
Brookfield: statement

Arundhati Roy on OWS

Greenwald: military-style raid
Bloomberg: final decision was mine;
Common Dreams: retaining one’s humanity
Facing Change: eviction photos
Al Jazeera: you can’t evict an idea
New park new eviction;
Trinity Church: open letter;
Jean Quan: cities are coordinating eviction;
Brookfield: statement on eviction;
Amy Goodman: reporting on eviction

Photo: Facing Change

Artist Noah Fischer on his Facebook wall:

Arrived to find that barricades and lines of riot police blocked all access. And like always in this movement, found some friendly faces who were in the same boat as me. So for the rest of the middle of the night and early morning, we few hundred people leaving the park or rushing to the scene got caught up in a demoralizing series of police traps in lower Manhattan…
In the morning, there was an attempt to “take” another park on Canal street. That failed, since the space was ominously enclosed like a big trap, and most people left before the police forcibly removed the hard core protesters. We were all tired and made our way back to Zucotti park, which I thought was not such an interesting idea (it was locked down with barricades) until magically it seemed, we were able to re-enter- ok, not without tents and tables, but with a big crowd feeling strong and safe. We conducted a long General Assembly, and it felt like day 1 again- fresh and full of possibility.


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  1. the imposition of wealth over us is right.

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